Agnieszka Wierzbicka, Assistant Professor

Warsaw University of Life Sciences
Faculty Human Nutrition And Consumer Sciences

Building 322

159c Nowoursynowska Street    Warsaw, 02-776

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,,You must make demands from yourself, even if others
make no demands from you."
John Paul II,1991


Agnieszka Wierzbicka


Assistant Professor


Agricultural science


Contact: Division of Engineering in Nutrition
Nowoursynowska 159C St., 02-776 Warszawa,
building 32, ground floor, room 110,
phone: 22 59 37 060,


The main areas of teaching activity

Food Technology

Future Trends in Food Technology

Equipment in catering


Research interests

New products development

Food quality

Quality control systems in food industry

Technological designs fo catering facilities


The list of most important publications


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  2. Guzek D., Głąbska D., Plewa P., Kozań K., Pietras J., Plewa R., Pogorzelska E., Pogorzelski G., Trajer J., Wierzbicka A. 2013. Wild boar meat sensory attributes contributing general meat quality. Bulletin of the Veterinary Institute in Pulawy, 57, 357-363. 
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  4. Guzek D., Głąbska D., Sakowska A., Wierzbicka A., 2012, Colour of pork loin produced of meat of animals fed with bioactive compounds forage. Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira, 47, 10. 1504-1510.  


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